Monday, July 15, 2019

Do you Meditate?

I know, the word meditation usually gets an eye roll and then people want to change the subject. Or, did you want to give me an excuse? Perhaps you have tried and just got frustrated.
Think back to when you were a child. Did you trust anything that you didn't feel in your body? I am sure you did not. We need to have a full-bodily-felt experience to trust that it is happening!
It is likely that you have reached the meditative state and didn't realize it. People often confuse the gateways and triggers to help get into meditation as the act of meditating. Allow me to demystify this for you.

The state of meditation, trance and sleep are closely related. Your brain has the potential to naturally enter a trance state every 90 seconds. This is how a skilled hypnotherapist can draw you into this realm. Have you ever tried to get someone's attention when they are deeply involved in watching something on TV? Perhaps you have walked in front of them and stood there trying? Did they see you? They were hypnotized by the TV and enjoying chemical releases of dopamine. Here is more on this by one of my favorite authors John Gray.

When the body finds the state of meditation and is in need of sleep—it usually sleeps. Let it! This is very rejuvenative! Go with it. When people first begin to practice guided meditation they often fall asleep. This is a good thing as the body was likely really exhausted!
Visualization is just that. It is creative and lovely and I encourage it however it is a gateway to meditation and not the true state. Imagining is part of this.
Truly there are only three entry points into meditation.

1. Physical movement such a sport, dance, walking running or cleaning. This can easily trip the brain into a trance.

2. Creative visualization, guided meditation, or hypnotic suggestion. You are invited to try this out in my podcast Meditate with Ambika.
These first two are ways to settle into meditation. I am a true advocate of both of these methods and use them often myself! It is important to realize that creative visualization is not the deep-trance-state of meditation—it is a gateway to the meditative state.

3. The third is the true state of Meditation. It is the deep-trance-state and is accomplished by these three things:

1. Sit up straight. I know this sounds easy but it is really important to give space to the lungs so that you are able to breathe comfortably and fully. In addition the elongated spine gives space to the body and takes pressure of the central nervous system.

2. Close the eyes. This is easy, just relax the lids down and shut out the light. If you can find a darkened space or shroud your head and eyes with a shawl.

3. Focus on the breath coming in and out of the nostrils paying close attention to the quality of the air across the inside front edges of the nostrils. Many of the ancient texts are translated to say, "Focus on the tip of the nose." This is only going to make you cross-eyed! The secret is that you are going to notice a change in sensation of air as you breathe it in as compared to the exhalations through the nose. On the way in during an inhale the air is going to feel cool and fresh. On the way out during and exhalation the air seems to disappear. This becomes the point of focus.

That is it. Just these three things!

If the mind is engaged in following something you are not meditating yet. You are still trying to relax. This is why when you are listening to a guided meditation you might drift into sleep or you could come to a realization later that you somehow missed a large chunk of the words being spoken. I do not recommend using video for meditation as it puts too much blue light into your body and this prevents you from really letting go into the meditative state. When you are trying to focus on something—you are closer to centering then the true state of meditation.

All meditation gateways potentially lead to the full-bodily-felt sensation of the deep-trance-state. This is our true state of being. This is where the boundaries of the seeming edges of the physical body disappear and we merge into the state of oneness where we are pure energy.

Indeed meditation is a stress reliever. In the meditative state we have the ability to tap into the unified mind. We become one with the greater where—just as the statement by the great statesman Cicero suggests, "Everything is alive and everything is interconnected."

Here is the secret sauce: It is best to stay focused on relaxing. Forcing the mind and engaging it with a topic is exhausting. Just drift and float in the relaxed state of meditation once you feel it.

We find brilliant insights and gain information from the practice of meditation—and it is an on-going practice—is after we have been in the deep-trance-state and begin to realize that we are once again in a body. It is a good idea to keep the eyes closed at this point. This is where the brilliance happens so be sure to have a journal near by to write everything down!

I am happy to coach you and to create customized guided meditations for you to use. Contact me here.

What is the best solution for stress? Rest! Next, clean diet and health habits like bathing more. Sleep more when you are able.

Guided meditation is entertainment for the mind. It is like giving a monkey a banana. It is a pacifier. It is indeed valid and useful as a stress reliever but please do not mistaken it for meditation.
It is possible and even probable that one could focus on specifics like the ideas of emotions and a particular chakra and drift into the meditative state.  *Remember, these are gateways and that we do not find information in meditation.
In meditation we find stillness and supreme quiet.

Any ideas or brilliance come to us as we are exiting the state of meditation—not while in it. If we are conscious of thought we have exited the state of meditation.

Shifting brain wave influence can indeed bring inspiration and ideas. This is not meditating. Meditation is quiet stillness. Here is information about brainwaves you may find interesting.
I realize I am blowing up some preconceived ideas here and am happy to address further questions.
Meditation is an art. Therefor it is best to learn techniques from an expert.
Ambika Devi has a Masters degree in Yoga from the Hindu University of America and is passionate about proving to everyone that they are meditators! She is delighted to come and speak to your organization and lead you through an experience.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Create Jedi—You are a co-creator with the Universe! ~Yogini Yoda

We are co-creators with the Universe!
That is right! We are here as co-creators? So what are you waiting for?
You don't need a red or blue pill to Enter the Matrix your words are creating it! But, even before they leave your lips, the thought seeds of words begin to settle and sprout.
The great philosopher Hafez said, 
The words you speak become the house you live in.
When I taught holistic health at the college level I insisted that my students read:
If you haven't read it, I ask you to!
Find your copy here 
Please pay close attention to the First Agreement:
Be impeccable with your word.
The concept is absolute genius!
So, watch your thoughts in Meditation
Be Mindful of the words that come out of your mouth!
The best way to slow things down is to practice a mind-quieting Pranayama like Bhramari breath.
I have taught this to thousands of people over the years and find it to be absolutely magickal in its ability to instantly quiet the mind!
Still craving more?
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 It is my pleasure to guide you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Guard energy—you must, young Jedi! ~Yogini Yoda

Are you being drained by someone you love? 
Do you have intense full-bodily-felt sensations when you are with certain people? Do you need a lot of recovery time after being in social situations or with certain people? Are you feeling drained?
It is likely you are empathic and are not fully grounded, centered, cleansed, or shielded. These are integral processes that are needed for all of us and especially in the case of highly sensitive people.
I know this particular group can feel challenged. For all empaths—as this is the group that tends to feel preyed upon by narcissists and other forms of energy vampires—it is of the utmost importance to learn to do the following: Centering, Grounding, Cleansing, Shielding, and Protecting. It is also very important to get in touch with all of the gross senses associated with the physical body, then the level of super-sensing and finally the clear or psychic senses.
One must also be sure the senses are giving the messages and not the ego mind!
There are tools you can use!
I keep Shungite and Selenite in my environment. Selenite is the white crystal above. It is great for absorbing EMFs and keeping the energy clean. Shungite is the black crystal above. I find it to be better than shielding stones like Tourmaline and Smokey quartz. Shungite crystals transmute negative and challenging energy into positive. Selenite cleans everything it touches energetically  Both are Selenite and Shungite are self-cleaning!
You can also carry a piece or wear it as jewelry. 
Learn to recognize that allowing your energy to be drawn from you is a choice!
It is a two way exchange!
Are you giving permission for this to happen? 
Would you like to learn more about this?
Join me for classes in the Psychic Arts department of the Grey School of Wizardry!
This could be coming from a thought loop of wanting to be nice, or be liked. Even with those who are hurtful, or we deem anything but love we must look at our own fears and then give love, give more love and as Christie Marie Sheldon says, "Love and above!" 

Begin your journey of self-love and learning with my book, Unfolding Happiness!
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Monday, August 13, 2018

Clean and Clear you must Jedi! ~ Yogini Yoda

The burning of Sage and other magickal herbs is a lovely technique and I use it often. I enjoy using Palo Santo for sweetness however my go to daily cleanse is essential oils in a very old and cherished hand-blown glass atomizer. I run a combination of oils in my sleeping space every morning and usually use a combination of Clove, Oregano, Thyme, and Helichrysum oils. This keeps one extremely healthy and free of viruses, bacteria, and is quite effective for keeping the physical body clear of parasites. 
Please note that one should conduct internal cleansing twice a year preferably in Spring and Autumns to keep clear of potential illness.
In addition I use Selenite and Shungite crystals throughout the house along with many more for various purposes. Selenite clears and cleans anything it touches. I also place a piece in one of the pillow cases on my bed and keep a large rod of it on my desk where I work and on my divination table. Shungite transmutes negative energy into positive and I feel it is of the utmost importance to create as much positive energy that we are able to. Both stones absorb EMFs. Please note that these two crystals are self-cleaning and never need to be in water.

Do not attempt to make elixirs from Selenite or Shungite as they are toxic! Selenite is quite fragile and does not work for jewelry however cleansing your necklaces, rings, and bracelets by placing them touching Selenite when not wearing them helps the stones and metals to generate at peak performance when placed upon the body after such a cleansing!
Shungite is a great stone to wear though I do not recommend bathing with it on the body.

It has a concentration of Arsenic as do other stones like Tiger's Eye and Malachite. The two latter should never be used in an elixir either! It is important when choosing crystals to learn the chemical compounds as well as the magickal uses! This of course is true of the plant world!
I also always keep a few Himalayan salt lamps on in various rooms as well which clean the air and keep negative ions generated. This helps dust to fall to the floor and keeps the air very clean as well as creating a great deal of happiness.
Bathing is of the utmost importance! It is recommended to bathe in the morning upon rising and in the evening before retiring. When we submerge in water or stand in a shower the energetic fields of the body dry in and like a sponge wring out anything they have picked up. 
Try using salt rather then soap to really shift your energy!
Please let me know how this works for you!
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Thursday, August 2, 2018

How to do Bhramari Breath with Ambika Devi

Ambika leads you in a soothing Bhramari Pranayama.

Ambika's research in meditation is earning her a doctorate in the
field. Her two books on the topic have won international awards. Ambika
guides you in Yoga Mystery School teachings utilizing Vedic chanting,
cosmic sounds with her voice, and techniques from Yoga Nidra that seduce
the mind into pure quiet. The result is a full body felt deep-trance
state of meditation!

More about Ambika here: Call Ambika for more information on the meditation: 772.233.8229
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