Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Caught in the web of the mind, we are—fly free Jedi, you are timeless!~Yogini Yoda

This body and mind, the real you are not Jedi.

The body is built from elements and a period of cooking,
just like clay.
 We are truly light, made from the same thing as stars.

It is easy to become confused and think we are these bodies. They are indeed constructed much like pottery and are a gift, a vessel to borrow for a lifetime and steps on our path of evolution.
The ancient Upanishad Pavamana Mantra also commonly known as the Asatoma mantra in the mystical language of Samskrutham is a blessing and request to help us find a way out of the viscid stickiness of mind-stuff and into the timeless state of being.
In a place of timelessness the mind-stuff is ineffectual...

We realize we are Infinite Space.
For more on this:
 read chapter 29 of Lilith by Ambika Devi.
May you  shine on and spread the light of love!