Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The unattached mind is the cosmic spaceship to enlightenment, Jedi~Yogini Yoda

Enlightenment—what does the mention of the word bring to mind?
 Perhaps you see the clouds parting and a light beam blazing on your path?
I wonder if it is valid to state such a claim. My Jedi senses say, no. It is difficult to experience an experience without becoming attached to it.
I wrote about this in my second book Unfolding Happiness.   The way I see it is that experience are like a river  that once stepped in, one cannot duplicate the experience.
Each week I field conversations from people that have received convoluted information via what ever lineage or teacher or school—it really doesn't matter. Much of the information floating around has been so manipulated and convoluted that is is almost unrecognizable!

The core information is heinously derivative regarding:
Chakras, Mantra, Postures, Pranayama, Kundalini, Energy, Diet...you name it. It all seems very screwed up and that people take what they like and change what they do not think they like or do not know and understand—and make it into what ever suits them in the moment.
This seems to be symptomatic of all Yoga Schools for instance imagine I am different schools speaking here:
I like wine or chocolate so I will make a practice around Yoga postures and wine tasting or chocolate eating. I am tired so I will declare that meditation happens lying down rather than sitting up.
I believe it is easier for people to always begin on the right side so I will make everything I do begin on the right rather than using the true information and the reasoning concerning elemental causation, physiology and cosmology behind techniques.
I like chicken and fish so I will eat this and call myself a vegetarian.
I like the pretty colors of the rainbow so I will declare that chakras are these colors...
...and negate what is really going on inside of each powerful energy center.
I want to look like I belong in Cirque de Soleil so I will focus on ridiculous postures that make me look good on Instagram.
I will put a lot of love and good intention into my chanting so it does not matter that I have no clue about the words I am saying or the proper pronunciation. Case in point: कर्मन karma translates to: Action. कार्म kArma adding a longer "A" sound changes the meaning to: belonging to a worm!
Therefore the belief that as long as I have good intention I can negate the cosmos, the Lord of the day or hour and do as I please—turns out to be grossly incorrect!
Yoga has become an exercise program that is branded Yoga. It is exercise with a sprinkling of spirituality. This is not what Yoga is! Yoga has only one intention: Meditation!
The convoluted belief system continues:
Yoga postures are a full practice when I add a little mindfulness.
I don't need to read or understand the Bhagavad Gita or Patanjali to be a Yogin.
I am a great Yogi after 200, 300 or even 500 hours of training.
I am enlightened, I am awakened,I have had a Kundalini experience, therefore my third eye is opened up!—I find this one particularly annoying and field it at least once a week. 
Energy workers, massage therapists, psychologists and wannabe shaman are all spouting this nonsense and most of the time the individual has not even experienced a Kriya of any sort.
Let go of looking for this. Just breathe and experience and let things happen naturally.
The unattached mind is the cosmic spaceship to enlightenment, Jedi~Yogini Yoda

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Water we are-water we must bless! ~ Yogini Yoda

Dr. Emoto has long been an inspiration for me. His love and understanding of the mysteries of water have fascinated me.

Many years ago, seeking shade from the July heat outside Sedona Arizona, in Cornville my good friend Jo and I set out to go to West Sedona.

We were unable to get down the only road that led from her house as the bridge was blocked. Taking this as an omen we flipped our plans and headed to what would have been our final destination that day. 
 The cooling waters of the aqueduct behind Montezuma's Well.
There we cooled our feet and sat in the shade marveling at the magickal quality of this precious water in the desert. After we headed to our favorite trees to meditate. What happened next was nothing short of extraordinary! What appeared as a prim Japanese business man appeared. He began to lay out ceremonial cloth and objects by the creak nearby. Then disappeared into the mouth of the crack in mother earth on the backside of the well that feeds the peaceful channel. He emerged with large containers of water he had gathered then disappeared and reappeared once more dressed in the robes of a Shinto priest.

We startled and he motioned for us to stay. We were honored. The priest proceeded to conduct a ceremony blessing and thanking the earth and the waters. I leaned on my tree and closed my eyes. 

The Hopi Kachina of water, Long Hair emerged from the rock of the well, and towered above me. Later the man explained he was headed to a summit with tribal leaders and Dr. Emoto that would take place in the San Fransisco mountains to bless the waters of the earth.

I urge you to do a water ceremony in thanks for this precious element during the upcoming Solar Eclipse for together we can heal this planet. When we focus and direct consciousness we are indeed the vehicles of magick!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Diving inside the pool of Wisdom with Yogini Yoda

Ambika in an interview with the Hot Chicks of Elite Online Publishing Talking on the topics of Vedic wisdom, her books and meditation. Join her in the realm of magick!

More on Meditation and the wisdom of Yoga in my book Lilith.
More on Happiness Health and Ayurveda in my book Unfolding Happiness

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Everything adds up to Zero, that's the point!~ Yogini Yoda

Is everything as happy as it could be? Are you in touch with nature treasured Jedi!

So often we skip connecting with nature on a daily basis.

Sure we look up at the blue sky zooming off to the next appointment...
...or catch a glimpse of the moon rising.
It is no fault of our animal-selves that we have lost this connection to the Great Mother of us all, our beloved Gaia.
 A friend of mine called me irate and yelling,
     "I just saw a man throw a Styrofoam cup out of his car window!"
I stopped to take a breath, sickening images flashing through my mind.
 Then I wondered,
 "Which part of where trash goes are we missing?"

I thought about how I am sometimes served a drink in a plastic cup and in that moment I wanted to make a sacred vow to refuse, but everyday I am offered items wrapped in the deadly film that we as a species have not yet created a proper solution for replacing, let alone reusing.
We cannot accept this anymore...
 ...and must band together in order to make it stop!

The earth is our mother,
 we must take cake of her, the same way we do our families and friends!
This requires us to awaken...
...from illusion.

 J.R.R. Tolkien, one of the world’s most iconic fantasy authors of The Hobbit, a favorite book on my shelf said, "There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for."
I hope you read or listen to the book, but if not, at least watch the movie.

Like so many stories of enlightenment and realization, the hero goes through many struggles and trials trying to reach his final destination. But why does it have to be so dang difficult, and why do we make it so? Truly the quickest and often the most fun way is down, when faced many challenges and steps.
So why do we constantly take the path of struggle in an effort to get to the top rather than beginning there?
It is a fact that the quickest way to transmute our situation is to begin at the highest point.
Let's take a cue from the majestic Banyan tree and begin at the top! This is the path of the Divine Universal Mother, and it is indeed the quickest route.
All of the trials dabbling with extreme exterior sources like DMT...
do in fact produce experiences...
...but these will fade and leave you hungover, thirsty for more. Instead of struggling or risking...
...flip your point of view.  Just command yourself to the top, right to the pinnacle point of Great Mother!
 Exercise your right to see faeries...
...ride dragons...
...and unicorns!
The secret has been known since long before the walls came tumbling down.
The secret is word and the fact is: words have power!
Another very powerful aspect are the thought forms of words. These have immense power.
The strongest form is when the vibration of heart and breath merge with word in the voice.
This is the first step in loosening the restraint of the mundane world, freeing the mind and changing up the way you surrender so that...
...you shatter your grip on what you perceive as reality.

There is a formulae indeed to access the higher magic utilizing sacred words, for the true power is in the right pronunciation, breath and shaping.
Always begin with the Bija Mantra, the seed sound of Ganesha.
This is the creation of space in which something can occur and is the sonification of Ganesha. The use of non-speech audio conveys information and perceptualizes data. Our auditory cognizance possesses great advantages in temporal, spatial, amplitude, and frequency resolution that floods open possibilities as an alternative or complement to each of the other senses.
This seed sound of Ganesha is the remover of obstacles that create the proper space for meditation. This mantra is to be chanted before embarking on any endeavor in order to open up infinite possibilities.
This calls in, creates and activates space. Space is the Divine Masculine aspect, that is a vessel in which the Divine Feminine creates. This is where the practice of Meditation takes you. The real deal is everything adds up to Zero! So, there is nowhere to go! Meditate and practice bringing happiness to others!
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