Friday, March 23, 2018

One with the Universe we are Jedi however—it our job to keep it positive! ~ Yogini Yoda

Recently I have been experimenting with revisiting creative visualization young Jedis. As many of you know I have been meditating since 1967. This began when I was a student at the Abington Friends School as tiny child. You have to love a school that has the word friends in their name!

Back then I fell in love with the Quaker style of sitting silently for an hour on Wednesday mornings with everyone. Later in high school I added a two hour seated meditation with my school mates on Sundays. This is the antique meeting house that still hosts weekly meditations on the property that once belonged to William Penn!

Over the years I have been certified as an instructor and taught many forms of meditation including traditional seated silent Meditation, Mantras, Creative Visualization, and Yoga Nidra. I have experimented with Bi-neural beats and Innerpulse brainwave entrainment equipment both myself and with students and clients. Added to this list are my certifications in hypnosis and NLP. These last two weeks I have been revisiting many of these very valuable tools to help clear the mind-stuff and rejuvenate creativity. This and the constant thirst for learning is what drives me and inspires me daily! In addition, I know that when I am learning I am happiest!
Experimenting with various forms of meditation and mind control is a passion of mine. After 21 years of teaching holistic health for colleges in three different states, I retired in 2000 when I woke up to the fact that it is the mind and our relationship to it, that needs healing, not so much the physical body.

My recent need for a transfusion of knowledge led me to find my way to Mindvalley. Here I have been experiencing classes and quests led by superb instructors delivered in a great format to both my computer and devices. The delivery configuration is really remarkable and it is so wonderful to be able to take my classes with me whenever and wherever I choose. I find myself daydreaming to be an instructor for this wonder-filled organization and have already become a lifetime member of their tribe.

It is a wonderful gift when we stretch outside our self-imposed boxes. My current effort to do this is including a combination of silent meditation along with creative visualization and hypnosis at various points throughout the day. I have noticed intense dreams returning and I want to see just how much more happiness I can create to radiate to everyone around me. Today I watched people's expressions change from gloomy to smiles as I passed them at the grocery store. These three tools together seem to create a magical cocktail of happiness!
As you know I am a huge fan of happiness as it is the topic of my second book, Unfolding Happiness an introduction to happiness, health and Ayurveda with a great deal of hands on experiences in meditation written along with Ayurvedic doctor Vijay Jain, MD.
You might find it strange that a seasoned meditator wants to listen to a beginner level guided meditation. I am finding it to be rather magickal—I like to add the "k" as it is even more magickal! In creative visualization this morning, I had a flash insight into what is consciousness and found that it is centered in Vishuddha chakra.
The magick of the throat chakra is that words coming out of our mouths circulate back into our heads and there transform into images.

These pictures are the communication that form our realities.
The miraculous best-selling author, motivational speaker, leading celebrity therapist, and pioneering hypnotherapist trainer, Marisa Peer teaches about the importance of keeping the pictures in our heads positive, especially about ourselves. She encourages us to look at the words we use to describe ourselves and our situations. This inspired me to share a list of positive words with my students today. I urge you to have a look at the words and phrases you use on a regular basis to describe your relationship to money and abundance, career and relationships and your level of health and happiness. I have placed this on my mirror and around my home at eye-level to infuse myself with love. I hope you are going to do the same.
As Marisa advises, ask a friend to tell you the words they hear you speak repeatedly. If you find words that need to flip over to the positive, you can look up antonyms or search for new words here. I am so grateful for the inspiration and healing love I am receiving from this wise Yoda's teaching! Try putting I Am in front of one of these words for a potent infusion of self-love. This is a really dynamic way to make an affirmation!
Speaker, author, former business school professor and creator of Creativity and Personal Mastery, a course designed to affect personal transformation, Srikumar S. Rao is going to be my next great instructor at Mindvalley. I took a class with him today on the topic of resilience and am so excited to be going on a 45 day quest with him beginning in April. I invite you to join me!

Here is another an amazing video on Ted delivered by this fellow Yoda giving wisdom on happiness.

I hope I am inspiring you to learn and grow today and that you realize your mission. Let us all focus for a few minutes each day on making this world happier and healthier for all.
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With LOVE and Magick always,
Yogini Yoda