Thursday, January 4, 2018

Know thyself you must Jedi!

In the age old wisdom of the Vedas, four books of science and knowledge from the ancient eastern lands is written: आत्मानं विद्धि pronounced AtmAnaM viDhi. It is the phrase, "Know Thyself." This is one of the true purposes of Meditation and the Psychic Arts. AtmAm is the nature of one's soul, the true self. This is the light and energy that science is just now acknowledging regarding what we human beings truly made of. What this esoteric statement is poetically teaching is this:
1. Direct experience is the foundation of true knowledge.
2. In order to truly experience anything, one must fully merge with it or become one with it.
3. The experience one has determines the quality and ability to fully merge.
4. All dualities must be embraced and unified. One must move beyond, “I like it, I don’t like it,” and be fully immersed in, and unified with the experience.
5. It is human nature to avoid dualities. This is a quality of beta behavior. Therefore we must push through and embrace seemingly uncomfortable situations. How do you accomplish this? If you believe you do not like something, can you accept that others do? Can you be comfortable in a situation that you normally avoid? Can you immerse yourself in what you perceive as uncomfortable and find acceptance?
6. In your quest, the mind identifies obstacles. The mind fools you. You are not the mind. The mind is a tool that you have a unique connection to. It is exterior. The mind constructs what you perceive as reality.
Strive to find the light in your own being and in the being of others and all things. The greatest gift the world has to offer you is knowledge. Realize there is no such thing as time for you truly are an infinite being wearing the cloak of a physical body, like the robes of a wizard. Become fully absorbed in all experiences and wear your wizardly robes humbly.
When you are able to become fully absorbed in situations and fully embrace them, there is no possibility of being disturbed or distracted. Duality confuses the mind to perceive that all things are separate from the observer.
Just as are motto of Grey School, where I teach says, “Omnia vivunt, omnia inter se conexa,” which translates to, “Everything is alive, everything is connected,” we must not just accept the statement but become it!
Practice silencing the mind in the deep-trance-state of meditation and know thyself!