Tuesday, September 6, 2016

...those who teach must practice~Yogini Yoda

A longtime friend who has no boundaries on his heart when it comes to sharing, sent a letter this morning to his followers telling of a nail-biting, floor-pacing, fear building ordeal he and his lovely wife experienced this last week with regards to the wellness of his unborn child. He spoke about praying in every breath and and in every moment.

It is a part of life to have an experience of set-backs. But deep despair...
...facing an unreal and difficult climb up what appears to be the cliffs of insanity...
...well now, this is a drop to your knees, take the wind-breath out of your sails, different story.

We tend to only udder the name of the Divine when feeling pure bliss and a sweating of DMT from the pineal gland or when faced with immense challenges, or in the throws of extasy.
This is when the mind melts away...
 ...and we are left with what we truly are: pure energy!

Many factors can hold us into what we perceive as prison walls. It is not the initial reaction which cause the challenge but the re-reaction! When we learn to pray to the Divine in each breath, then we are able to freeze the frames and really see the energy grids.
Indeed there are many methods that are ancient, such as connecting with master plants and shaman who conduct ritual ceremonies and guide you through the unseen world.
Or try a new technology like Blueprints For Changes.

This amazing creation utilizes the theory of behavioral science to relax the brain and the way it stores memories, which in-turn creates a happier healthier you!

But how do we handle this each and everyday, and each and every moment?
This is indeed a conundrum!

The secret is the breath, and how we view each breath.
This is the beginning, the starting point. But just as my friend stated with regards to his experience, he began to pray, not following every thought, but in every moment, for every action and on every breath.

The power of our sound, words and voice are unique and different than energy that originates and generates from any other chakra.

Our sound begins in the heart-space, blends with the breath in the lung area and is projected out of the mouth. It then circulates back in through the ears. This creates a circulation of happiness.
My friend found out that his soon to be born child is fine and is expected in a few weeks time. I hope that he continues to feel the power of his voice and prayers for they circulate and recirculate goodness for all!
Life is a daily practice, breathing is a daily practice. Keep on the path...
Keep practicing the breath while focusing on compassion and love.
 Let the trapping of the world drift by as you meditate. Just notice in calm awareness.

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