Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Everything adds up to Zero, that's the point!~ Yogini Yoda

Is everything as happy as it could be? Are you in touch with nature treasured Jedi!

So often we skip connecting with nature on a daily basis.

Sure we look up at the blue sky zooming off to the next appointment...
...or catch a glimpse of the moon rising.
It is no fault of our animal-selves that we have lost this connection to the Great Mother of us all, our beloved Gaia.
 A friend of mine called me irate and yelling,
     "I just saw a man throw a Styrofoam cup out of his car window!"
I stopped to take a breath, sickening images flashing through my mind.
 Then I wondered,
 "Which part of where trash goes are we missing?"

I thought about how I am sometimes served a drink in a plastic cup and in that moment I wanted to make a sacred vow to refuse, but everyday I am offered items wrapped in the deadly film that we as a species have not yet created a proper solution for replacing, let alone reusing.
We cannot accept this anymore...
 ...and must band together in order to make it stop!

The earth is our mother,
 we must take cake of her, the same way we do our families and friends!
This requires us to awaken...
...from illusion.

 J.R.R. Tolkien, one of the world’s most iconic fantasy authors of The Hobbit, a favorite book on my shelf said, "There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for."
I hope you read or listen to the book, but if not, at least watch the movie.

Like so many stories of enlightenment and realization, the hero goes through many struggles and trials trying to reach his final destination. But why does it have to be so dang difficult, and why do we make it so? Truly the quickest and often the most fun way is down, when faced many challenges and steps.
So why do we constantly take the path of struggle in an effort to get to the top rather than beginning there?
It is a fact that the quickest way to transmute our situation is to begin at the highest point.
Let's take a cue from the majestic Banyan tree and begin at the top! This is the path of the Divine Universal Mother, and it is indeed the quickest route.
All of the trials dabbling with extreme exterior sources like DMT...
do in fact produce experiences...
...but these will fade and leave you hungover, thirsty for more. Instead of struggling or risking...
...flip your point of view.  Just command yourself to the top, right to the pinnacle point of Great Mother!
 Exercise your right to see faeries...
...ride dragons...
...and unicorns!
The secret has been known since long before the walls came tumbling down.
The secret is word and the fact is: words have power!
Another very powerful aspect are the thought forms of words. These have immense power.
The strongest form is when the vibration of heart and breath merge with word in the voice.
This is the first step in loosening the restraint of the mundane world, freeing the mind and changing up the way you surrender so that...
...you shatter your grip on what you perceive as reality.

There is a formulae indeed to access the higher magic utilizing sacred words, for the true power is in the right pronunciation, breath and shaping.
Always begin with the Bija Mantra, the seed sound of Ganesha.
This is the creation of space in which something can occur and is the sonification of Ganesha. The use of non-speech audio conveys information and perceptualizes data. Our auditory cognizance possesses great advantages in temporal, spatial, amplitude, and frequency resolution that floods open possibilities as an alternative or complement to each of the other senses.
This seed sound of Ganesha is the remover of obstacles that create the proper space for meditation. This mantra is to be chanted before embarking on any endeavor in order to open up infinite possibilities.
This calls in, creates and activates space. Space is the Divine Masculine aspect, that is a vessel in which the Divine Feminine creates. This is where the practice of Meditation takes you. The real deal is everything adds up to Zero! So, there is nowhere to go! Meditate and practice bringing happiness to others!
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