Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The unattached mind is the cosmic spaceship to enlightenment, Jedi~Yogini Yoda

Enlightenment—what does the mention of the word bring to mind?
 Perhaps you see the clouds parting and a light beam blazing on your path?
I wonder if it is valid to state such a claim. My Jedi senses say, no. It is difficult to experience an experience without becoming attached to it.
I wrote about this in my second book Unfolding Happiness.   The way I see it is that experience are like a river  that once stepped in, one cannot duplicate the experience.
Each week I field conversations from people that have received convoluted information via what ever lineage or teacher or school—it really doesn't matter. Much of the information floating around has been so manipulated and convoluted that is is almost unrecognizable!

The core information is heinously derivative regarding:
Chakras, Mantra, Postures, Pranayama, Kundalini, Energy, Diet...you name it. It all seems very screwed up and that people take what they like and change what they do not think they like or do not know and understand—and make it into what ever suits them in the moment.
This seems to be symptomatic of all Yoga Schools for instance imagine I am different schools speaking here:
I like wine or chocolate so I will make a practice around Yoga postures and wine tasting or chocolate eating. I am tired so I will declare that meditation happens lying down rather than sitting up.
I believe it is easier for people to always begin on the right side so I will make everything I do begin on the right rather than using the true information and the reasoning concerning elemental causation, physiology and cosmology behind techniques.
I like chicken and fish so I will eat this and call myself a vegetarian.
I like the pretty colors of the rainbow so I will declare that chakras are these colors...
...and negate what is really going on inside of each powerful energy center.
I want to look like I belong in Cirque de Soleil so I will focus on ridiculous postures that make me look good on Instagram.
I will put a lot of love and good intention into my chanting so it does not matter that I have no clue about the words I am saying or the proper pronunciation. Case in point: कर्मन karma translates to: Action. कार्म kArma adding a longer "A" sound changes the meaning to: belonging to a worm!
Therefore the belief that as long as I have good intention I can negate the cosmos, the Lord of the day or hour and do as I please—turns out to be grossly incorrect!
Yoga has become an exercise program that is branded Yoga. It is exercise with a sprinkling of spirituality. This is not what Yoga is! Yoga has only one intention: Meditation!
The convoluted belief system continues:
Yoga postures are a full practice when I add a little mindfulness.
I don't need to read or understand the Bhagavad Gita or Patanjali to be a Yogin.
I am a great Yogi after 200, 300 or even 500 hours of training.
I am enlightened, I am awakened,I have had a Kundalini experience, therefore my third eye is opened up!—I find this one particularly annoying and field it at least once a week. 
Energy workers, massage therapists, psychologists and wannabe shaman are all spouting this nonsense and most of the time the individual has not even experienced a Kriya of any sort.
Let go of looking for this. Just breathe and experience and let things happen naturally.
The unattached mind is the cosmic spaceship to enlightenment, Jedi~Yogini Yoda