Thursday, August 10, 2017

Water we are-water we must bless! ~ Yogini Yoda

Dr. Emoto has long been an inspiration for me. His love and understanding of the mysteries of water have fascinated me.

Many years ago, seeking shade from the July heat outside Sedona Arizona, in Cornville my good friend Jo and I set out to go to West Sedona.

We were unable to get down the only road that led from her house as the bridge was blocked. Taking this as an omen we flipped our plans and headed to what would have been our final destination that day. 
 The cooling waters of the aqueduct behind Montezuma's Well.
There we cooled our feet and sat in the shade marveling at the magickal quality of this precious water in the desert. After we headed to our favorite trees to meditate. What happened next was nothing short of extraordinary! What appeared as a prim Japanese business man appeared. He began to lay out ceremonial cloth and objects by the creak nearby. Then disappeared into the mouth of the crack in mother earth on the backside of the well that feeds the peaceful channel. He emerged with large containers of water he had gathered then disappeared and reappeared once more dressed in the robes of a Shinto priest.

We startled and he motioned for us to stay. We were honored. The priest proceeded to conduct a ceremony blessing and thanking the earth and the waters. I leaned on my tree and closed my eyes. 

The Hopi Kachina of water, Long Hair emerged from the rock of the well, and towered above me. Later the man explained he was headed to a summit with tribal leaders and Dr. Emoto that would take place in the San Fransisco mountains to bless the waters of the earth.

I urge you to do a water ceremony in thanks for this precious element during the upcoming Solar Eclipse for together we can heal this planet. When we focus and direct consciousness we are indeed the vehicles of magick!