Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Guard energy—you must, young Jedi! ~Yogini Yoda

Are you being drained by someone you love? 
Do you have intense full-bodily-felt sensations when you are with certain people? Do you need a lot of recovery time after being in social situations or with certain people? Are you feeling drained?
It is likely you are empathic and are not fully grounded, centered, cleansed, or shielded. These are integral processes that are needed for all of us and especially in the case of highly sensitive people.
I know this particular group can feel challenged. For all empaths—as this is the group that tends to feel preyed upon by narcissists and other forms of energy vampires—it is of the utmost importance to learn to do the following: Centering, Grounding, Cleansing, Shielding, and Protecting. It is also very important to get in touch with all of the gross senses associated with the physical body, then the level of super-sensing and finally the clear or psychic senses.
One must also be sure the senses are giving the messages and not the ego mind!
There are tools you can use!
I keep Shungite and Selenite in my environment. Selenite is the white crystal above. It is great for absorbing EMFs and keeping the energy clean. Shungite is the black crystal above. I find it to be better than shielding stones like Tourmaline and Smokey quartz. Shungite crystals transmute negative and challenging energy into positive. Selenite cleans everything it touches energetically  Both are Selenite and Shungite are self-cleaning!
You can also carry a piece or wear it as jewelry. 
Learn to recognize that allowing your energy to be drawn from you is a choice!
It is a two way exchange!
Are you giving permission for this to happen? 
Would you like to learn more about this?
Join me for classes in the Psychic Arts department of the Grey School of Wizardry!
This could be coming from a thought loop of wanting to be nice, or be liked. Even with those who are hurtful, or we deem anything but love we must look at our own fears and then give love, give more love and as Christie Marie Sheldon says, "Love and above!" 

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