Sunday, October 11, 2015

Love is respect for all living beings. Love you must each other today!

Once we learn to really feel and then reside in our own hearts, we can then love others and eventually all beings with grace and understanding. Meditation is the greatest teacher.

We talk about it and have good intentions to do it, but often we can become sideswiped by reaction.
A great teacher once to me, "The first reaction is for free!"
As we practice noticing this we are able to watch and stop the cycle of re-reaction.

This brings a great deal of peace to to our hearts and to the people around us.

The author Anne Enright said,

"I have no place left to live but in my own heart."

Thank goodness her folks gave her an electric typewrite for her 21st birthday. She went on to write many brilliant ideas.

Passion for loving all who are not only in our immediate world but in the entire world is what we have come here to learn. It is our dharma.

I wish you bliss and happiness and honor the light that shines brightly within you, for it twinkles and reflects in the inner light within me.
~Yogini Yoda

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