Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happiness is an unfolding, force not the lotus to bloom young Jedi! ~ Yogini Yoda

Happiness unfolds like a beautiful lotus flower. 
We must be patient and ask the petals of the heart to unfold. Things that make us feel good and inspire laughter are the best elixirs.

I have been a longtime fan of Weird Al Yankovic and first heard him in the glow of my little radio listening to Dr. Demento in Philly. If this song wasn't enough to get you giggling...try a whole concert!

This Yogini Yoda feels it is very important to always encourage humor. 
We may not fully understand what makes others laugh. Sometimes it may not be our cup of tea.

Laughing a cookie for the mind it is...
Humor is tea that melts the thought waves and extracts the essence of good.
~Yogini Yoda

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