Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ganesha is my Yoda he is! ~Yogini Yoda

is my Yoda
he is my greatest teacher
To understand his mystical doctrine
I am studying the Ganesha Atharvashirsha.
This is an amazing Upanishad.
It shows me the Universe.
Over the decades I have studied Yoga and Meditation with amazing teachers.
They have shared their wisdom
and brilliance
and their many beautiful teachings.

They have urged me, to teach you,
so I invite you to
In this class you will experience the "Timeless State of being through various hands on practices.
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The bottom line is we are LOVE. When we realize this, we are happy for the happiness of others. This brings us to a place of peace. 

A great way to find peace and happiness right now: try coloring!
The gift of creativity is one of the greatest tools we have to tap into our intuition.
I often suggest coloring as a form of meditation. You can get started now!
Grab yourself this great book HERE.

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